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"Exploit your creativity" 


I graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2015 and like most recent graduates, I had a "sky is the limit" way of thinking. Landing my first job as an engineer, I was excited about using my overpriced education to design and create new products for well, whoever. It was this mindset that drove me to videography. As a young kid in highschool, I constantly filmed my friends doing ridiculous things that we thought were entertaining. Whether is was jumping off cliffs or celebrating a National Championship on Bourbon Street, my thought was if it was fun to do, it'll probably be fun to watch.


With videography and film, the feedback is instant. You know immediately how people feel when they watch the video that you've created. Whether it brings pure joy to point of tears or the feeling of inspiration, a great video can have a huge impact on people. That to me is the greatest feeling.

- Cory -


Photograph by Audrey Reid
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